These are the photos I took while exploring and studying abroad at Seoul, South Korea.

Haha and Kim Jong-kook’s Restaurant QUAN 4
background information: Haha and Kim Jong-kook are well-known celebrities in South Korea. Haha is a comedian/ reggae musician and Kim Jong-kook is a well-known ballad singer. They both star in a Variety show, which I am a fan of, Running Man. I found their co-owned restaurant after leaving an amazing Nanta show with my friends. A happy discovery for me.
Fun My Life
found in a RolaRola Flagship store in Mapo-gu, Seoul, South Korea. After eagerly entering a completely pink-aesthetic store I came across this neon sign. Although it is bad English I found it clever how they took a negative comment and made it positive.

 Namson Tower 

Father and Son, Han River
After exploring the Han River with my friends, a common hangout,  I stumbled across these two light up cavemen-type of what I assume to be a father and son. It was really cute. 

Song Mino, WINNER, Waterbomb Festival
This was one of my favorite days that I spent in South Korea. This event included rappers, EDM, to Hallyu stars. Popular artists like Jessi, Hyolyn, and Winner performed. WINNER was my favorite of course. The arena was splashed with water bombs, water guns from various people (performers, and the audience) to make up for the heat.

Lotte World Mall (롯데월드몰) in Songpa-gu
This huge mall attached to an amusement park became a place I wanted to loiter around in and explore the variety of shops and cafes. 

Socks, Socks, and Socks!  Seoul, South Korea
What amazed me the most during the trip to South Korea was the abundance of underground sock departments. Every pair sold for 1,000 won that is roughly less than a dollar! If I had a spare suitcase I would’ve bought them all.